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train your voice so you always sound like you're experiencing voip latency

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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores


Hey everyone! Glad to see you're having fun with the :baba::is::you: emojis! However, it's been pointed out to me that white on transparent is completely unreadable on light themes. Whoops!

I've made a new set of them with solid backgrounds that are a lot more accessible. They can be found at

They have the same names as the original ones, so if you slot them into their place all the existing posts will automatically update to use them. Just be sure to pass the `--overwrite` flag to tootctl. Once they're added, you may have to clear your cache with ctrl-f5 to see them, but once you do they'll be legible regardless of theme.


Actual Followers = Followers / 3
...and I like it that way :P

the kitten a stray cat brought us was so sick we had to give her injections to rehydrate her through the night, but she is pulling through now and we've heard her purr finally ❤️ we have medicine to give her once she is actually developed enough for it... right now she is still underdeveloped for her age

I haven’t even tried using the ”bangs” yet because I’m still using Firefox bookmark keywords (i.e., I type “i moviename” to search IMDb). But I hear bangs are a killer feature for some people so that’s cool!

@brianna Same, but the other 10% of the time the results are absolutely useless. 😂

I started using for privacy/ethical reasons but now I’m using it because I like the results better 90% of the time :)

cons to using photobucket:
• watermarks
• long ugly URLs
• gotta make an account
• your images will be deleted soon

pros to using photobucket:
• makes readers double-check the post date to ensure they're in the right decade 📆

me when somebody boosts their own post that was good: "haha that was a good post thanks for reminding me"

you know how movies "enhance" pictures to somehow get more resolution out of a pixelated image? this program does that. And it's called "waifu 2x"

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I did another 100 recordings for Common Voice last night because I got in a groove! ... My friends are gonna record some more too. This is fun 😅 Now if only the English dataset wasn’t bigger than the rest of the languages combined...

might fuck around and react to some stimuli later. just something i'm considering

My neopet just had the sneezles, too, so maybe that’s where this stray got it from :)

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