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Beautiful sky for a moment while I'm bussing to work 😍

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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

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fwiw MSG is actually not harmful; it's the sodium salt of glutamic acid, an amino acid. Which you need to live.

Although humans can make it themselves and don't need it in their diet, it's not really harmful to eat it.

I'd attribute most people's claimed issues with it with eating a nutrient poor diet to begin with. Also excessive salt.

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if a post is >24h old, you are socially obliged to start your reply by saying "Bump!" this is

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to answer my own question: google patented the email snooze feature so we won't see it anywhere else. never mind, i don't want it, then.

A pizza place down the road from me has the slogan of "A taste you've come to enjoy." Which never fails to make me laugh at the implication πŸ˜‚πŸ•

2008: wow google is the next microsoft
2018: wow microsoft is the next microsoft

cant belive i got assigned the wrong gender at birth. that was real bad RNG

No, don't worry Windows... I've got all the time in the world for you to produce the "Are you sure?" dialog... Don't mind me...

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Bittorrent is all about sharing in abundance as fast as possible, Blockchain is about preserving ownership through inefficiency

@SuricrasiaOnline if you drill a hole in the middle of a bitcoin you can string a blockchain through them and make a fun crafty necklace.

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